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About Banners

Transit's in-app banners communicate directly with your riders to inform them about major system changes, system-wide disruptions, or solicit feedback for occasional surveys.

Banners display at the top of the main screen when a rider opens Transit within a specific geographic area. Riders can tap on the banner to either open a web page or launch a specific feature in the app for more information.

Banners work well in these situations:

  • Service changes that will affect multiple lines and/or all riders
  • System-wide disruptions (for example, due to extreme weather or strikes)
  • Major planned disruptions (for example, maintenance work)

Banners aren't suitable in every case. For example, when you want to communicate about a situation that is:

  • specific to one or two lines, 
  • intended for a specific audience, or
  • urgent,

We suggest using Service Alerts, which are targeted to individual lines and sent immediately. Riders can choose to subscribe to Service Alerts for specific lines and receive them as push notifications.

Unlike Service Alerts, which can be sent immediately by partner agencies with access to the Transit Dashboard, banners must be set up by staff at Transit.

Request a Banner

Here's what we'll need from you so we can set up your banner — don't worry, it's not that complicated!

  • Suggested first line of text (no more than 60 characters)
  • Suggested second line of text (no more than 70 characters)
  • Translations of this text in additional languages, if applicable (same character restrictions apply)
  • Desired banner colour, defined as a six-character colour hex code (we typically use colours that match our brand guidelines, so it's okay to have no colour preference)
  • URL to open when users tap the banner. The web page must be mobile-enabled. (No URL? No problem. It's not required for the banner to link to a website.)
  • Approximate geographical area for banner to appear in app (a single contiguous area)
  • Start date/time (in your local time)
  • End date/time (in your local time)

Copy and paste this list into an email, fill out the details, and send it to us at We'll follow up and help you get the word out!

How far in advance do I need to request my banner?

Please submit your request at least 3 days before you'd like the banner to appear in Transit.

Have an urgent request? Include "URGENT" in the subject line of your email to We'll do our best to help out in a pinch, but we might not be able to assist immediately during nights and weekends.

Requests from Transit Partners get priority.

Learn more about becoming a partner.

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