Showing Vaccination Locations in the App

Transit agencies are working closely with their local public health authorities to get as many people vaccinated as possible. We’re happy to help you get the word out, by showing places where people can get vaccinated in the app, providing information about eligibility, and telling people how to make an appointment.

We've already worked with some agencies, like Los Angeles Metro, to add this information to the app. Want it in your city? Here’s what we’ll need from you:
  1. Information about where to get vaccinated. Because vaccination locations are constantly changing, we are unable to update this information manually. So please, do not send us a web page, Word document, Excel, or CSV file as an attachment. Instead, we require a hyperlink to an open data feed from your local public health authority, which they automatically update with the latest official information. This data must:
    • Be available in a machine-readable format such as a JSON file, and
    • Contain addresses or, ideally, latitude and longitude coordinates for each vaccination location.

    With this hyperlink, we can ensure that the app is always displaying the latest information from your local public health authorities. Don’t have this hyperlink already? Reach out to your local public health office, and they can point you in the right direction.

  2. A link to where people can check their eligibility and make an appointment to get vaccinated. Once someone has found a nearby location to get vaccinated, we’ll direct them to the appropriate website to check their eligibility and make an appointment. This website must be mobile-enabled, so it can be viewed on the user’s phone. If there are separate websites for languages other than English, please share them with us, as well!
  3. Any special branding or colours used for your local vaccination campaign. We want to make sure this information is easily recognisable and matches the local campaign to encourage vaccination. If there are logos, icons, or specific colours being used in messaging from your local public health authorities, please share them with us!
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to

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