Send Alerts with the Transit Dashboard

Use the Transit Dashboard to notify your riders about service disruptions or planned changes to your routes. Subscribed riders will receive these alerts as push notifications, just like a text message.

The dashboard is available to Transit Partners.

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About Service Alerts

On Transit’s home screen, a small triangular symbol next to a line indicates an active alert. To see the alert, tap the line, then tap the Service Alerts banner.

To subscribe to service alerts, tap the Push Notifications box.

Read more about Service Alerts in our user-facing help center: Get Notifications About Disruptions on your Line

Best Practices

  • Service alerts should contain information about transit service only. Please, no advertisements for unrelated events, promotions of other apps, etc.
  • Clickable links and formatting (bold, italic, etc) are not supported.
  • Use line breaks to make your service alert easier to read.
  • While there is no character limit for service alerts, users will be viewing alerts on mobile devices. Please be concise.

Publish a Service Alert:

  1. Sign in to the dashboard.
  2. At the top of the screen, select Alerts.
  3. Select Create Alert and fill the following fields (required fields are in bold):
    1. Line: Select the affected line. Selecting Any Lines will display the alert on all your lines. 
    2. Stop: Select the affected stop. 

      Note: You can specify either an affected line, an affected stop, or an affected stop on a specific line. Stop-based alerts do not appear for all users of the affected line(s); they only appear to users if their itinerary begins, ends, or passes by an affected stop. Read more about stop-based alerts here.

      Once a line and/or stop are selected, the dashboard will display the number of people who will receive a push notification for the alert.
    3. Effect: specify the type of service change.

      Caution: If you select “No Service,” Transit will remove the stop and/or departures from the app. If you select "No Service" for a line, Transit will display an alert symbol instead of arrival times. If you select "No Service" for a stop, Transit will hide the stop. It will not be considered by the trip planner, and the list of nearby transit options will show the next closest stop.
    4. Cause
    5. Start & End: The time is in 10 minute intervals. If you set a Start Date in the future, the alert will display in the app one week in advance of the Start Date under “Future Alerts”. A push notification will be sent to users on the set Start Date.
      1. All times use the local time zone of the transit agency selected.
      2. If no End Date is specified, the alert will display in Transit until it is removed manually.
    6. Title: This is what will show up at the top of the push notification. Keep the title concise.
    7. Details: Additional details, such as detour route, effective date/time, etc.
  4. Save the alert as a draft to finish it later, or publish the alert to send push notifications to subscribed users.

After you've published:

  • Once an alert has been published, it cannot be modified.
  • Once an alert has been published, it can be removed. Find the alert in the list in the left-hand column and select Remove.

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If you are experiencing problems with service alerts, please include a specific example of an affected alert.

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