READ ME FIRST: Marketing Materials Featuring Transit

Transit agencies and mobility operators want riders to know where they can find up-to-the second information, reliable real-time tracking, and accurate point-to-point directions. It's why our partners direct their riders to use Transit.

But how to get the word out? Marketing, that's how. We've put together some materials for you to let riders know about Transit. But because every city is different, we've also prepared standard building blocks that you can use to create marketing products that fit your needs.

There are lots of options. Thinking about social media, posters, brochures, web pages, maybe even a bus wrap or two? We're in. Here's how to do it.

On this page:

Three rules of thumb

We're pretty proud of our friendly, green, slightly off-kilter (and did we mention green?) personality. We want to make sure it fits into whatever you share with the public, so we've got a few rules of thumb:


  1. Please use our approved icons and logos, available in our press kit in multiple file formats.
  2. Make sure you're following Transit's brand guidelines, which include helpful info like our colours and what to call us — for example: we're Transit, not Transit App. (Also: if you choose to include them, be sure to use official badges from the App Store and Google Play.)
  3. One last thing: Run it by us before publication to get the green light! Just send us an email at, and please give us at least three business days to review.

Easy as 1-2-3.

How do I link to Transit?

Step up your link game and resist the temptation to type in like a noob! We've got a better URL so riders can download the app in a snap. It's easy: click here to start using your own custom URL!

Social media

Tag us to let riders know where they can find real-time information and stay on top of service changes! We're @transitapp on Twitter and Facebook, and on Instagram.

We also have a ready-made social media kit, stocked with images and messages for you to use that let riders know about the app.

Tutorial video

Use our 90-second video to help your riders discover the app. You can embed the video on your website or add it to your public playlists on YouTube (available in English, French and Spanish).

FAQ for riders about how to use Transit

Transit is simple and intuitive to use. But sometimes, it helps to have a step-by-step guide. Our Transit 101 booklet and flyer are available in print and electronic versions that you can share with riders.

You can also direct riders to, where they can find quick explainers, frequently asked questions, and can contact our support team directly.


Reach out to us by emailing

How to create your own custom marketing material

To supplement what's already available from Transit, our partners also create their own unique marketing material. Just be sure to follow our three rules of thumb above (including reviewing it with us!) before putting messages out into the field.

We find that information at stations, bus stops, and on vehicles, as well as on your website, is most effective at informing riders about Transit.

We've created an entire page devoted to examples of gorgeous marketing material produced by our partners, and guidance on how to make your own custom content. Check it out!

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