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Meet Transit, our recommended app 👋

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Plan your trip. Track your ride.

See nearby ETAs as soon as you open the app. 

Real-time vehicle locations on the map

Transit has real-time information for all local buses – as well as connecting services like bikes, scooters, and ridehail.

Swipe right. Swipe left.

Get upcoming ETAs in both directions.

Find the fastest way

Combine bus and train service with other transport options – right from Transit’s trip planner. 

Step-by-step guidance with GO

Tap GO to be reminded when to leave, when to transfer, and when to get off the bus. Subscribe to push notifications so you know when you’re almost there and when you’ve arrived. 

Avoid the crowds

With GO crowdsourcing, you can share real-time crowding reports and boost the accuracy of real-time info for fellow riders.

Service alerts

Stop moved? Disrupted service? Find out before you leave. View service alerts in Transit, or subscribe to receive push notifications for your favourite routes. 

Travel smarter with Transit

Download Transit today [find your custom tracking URL here!]

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