Rate-My-Ride: instant surveys with GO

When users opt in to GO step-by-step navigation, the app can determine when a rider is waiting at the stop, when they’ve boarded, and when they’ve disembarked. This data not only helps make the trip smoother, it also improves real-time data for others and allows riders to share crowdsourced real-time crowding information. Enter Rate-My-Ride, an ongoing intercept survey that collects rider feedback as they ride. Of users who see the prompt, more than three quarters respond, yielding more than 3 million responses every month.


Watch this recorded webinar to learn more about what transit agencies can do with rider feedback data from Rate-My-Ride.

What we ask

The app asks riders using GO the following default questions during their trip:

Question asked of rider
When question is asked during trip
How results are used
Do you think this stop is
wheelchair accessible?
At the stop (asked only of users with accessibility information enabled)
Investigating how this can best inform accessibility information in the app
Looks like you didn't catch the vehicle. What happened?
At the stop (if data shows a departure has passed)

Helps identify pass-ups, cancelled trips that were not communicated to riders, and "ghost buses" in real-time data
How crowded is the vehicle?
the vehicle
Results shared with other riders looking at that vehicle in the app
Did your vehicle come when the real-time countdown said it would?
Onboard the vehicle (asked only if there is real-time info for a trip)
Line-by-line averages shared with other riders in the app
Did the vehicle come according to the posted schedule?
the vehicle (asked only if there is no real-time info for a trip)
Line-by-line averages shared with other riders in the app
Overall rating for this ride (1-5 stars)
At the end
of the trip
Line-by-line averages shared with other riders in the app

How we share it with transit agencies

Partner transit agencies can also receive data exports of these results, to look not just at line-by-line results but to look at feedback on specific stops, vehicles, and at specific times of the day or year. For example, our partners at MDOT MTA in Baltimore used feedback about bus crowding to calibrate their own real-time crowding data categories to match rider expectations. And most importantly, rider anonymity is guaranteed: no personal information or specific location information is associated with Rate-My-Ride data exports.

Customize Rate-My-Ride

We’re working with agencies to include custom questions in the app: perfect for localized feedback on a specific set of lines, or at a specific time of day.

If you’d like to sign up for data reports, pilot custom questions for your riders, or just want to learn more, get in touch at partners@transitapp.com.

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