Show cancelled departures in Transit

Cancelled departures can be a nasty surprise for transit agencies and riders alike. From driver reassignments to personnel shortages and service changes, it can be difficult to keep up. 

To make things simpler for everyone, Transit automatically crosses out cancelled departures with an unambiguous strikethrough in the list of upcoming departures. This way, users can know what to expect. 

Now live for all transit agencies that provide cancelled departure information in their real-time feed, including in Baltimore, Boston, Montreal, San Jose, St. Louis and more.

Ensure that your cancellations display correctly in the app

Select a trip in your GTFS-rt with the TripDescriptor. After the trip is selected, it can be canceled with a TripUpdates message or scheduleRelationship enum. 

Cancel with a trip update

Provide a trip_update with TripDescriptor that matches the affected trip, and enter the schedule_relationship as CANCELED. 

Example code:

trip_update {
  trip {
    trip_id: “T”
    start_time: 12:34:56
    schedule_relationship: CANCELED

Cancel with scheduleRelationship

In the case of a detour or a vehicle that does not stop at all stops: specify SKIPPED with stopTime.scheduleRelationship. 

That’s it! Transit will handle the rest. 

Don't use GTFS-rt?

We can also show cancelled departures from non GTFS-rt APIs, if the API has the ability to communicate cancellations.

For non GTFS-rt feeds that don't communicate cancelled departures, the app will automatically cancel a departure if a trip is missing real-time information and the agency has provided real-time information for later trips. For example: there are three departures scheduled in 5, 10, and 18 minutes. The agency has provided real-time information for the trips in 10 and 18 minutes, but not for the trip in 5 minutes. The app will consider the scheduled trip in 5 minutes to be cancelled, and display the strikethrough. If your agency would prefer to have these trips show as scheduled and not cancelled, contact us and we can change the default app behaviour for your system's feed.

If you have any questions, our data team will be happy to help.

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